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      No. 88, Bosideng Avenue, Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province

      Service hotline 400-112-6006


      Having an experienced technology team that has been engaged in power supply for many years
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      1. Company employees should use a sincere and enthusiastic service attitude, first-class service quality, promote corporate culture, and establish the company image;

      2. The service is timely, fast, and accurate.

      3. To customers before, during, and after sales, be enthusiastic, polite, and have a friendly attitude.

      4. The marketing department of the company is responsible for the following service work:

      (1) Responsible for pre-sales, during sales, and after-sales promotion and after-sales service work;

      (2) Responsible for fulfilling the company's commitment to customer service;

      (3) Responsible for timely feedback of various customer information to the company;

      (4) Responsible for establishing an after-sales service network and collecting customer feedback information;

      (5) Responsible for utilizing computers and the internet to establish and maintain service records;

      (6) Responsible for regular follow-up visits to product services, long-term customers at least once a year, important customers at least once every six months, and diversified follow-up methods, including phone calls, letters, electronic post offices, etc;

      (7) Responsible for handling complaints, returns, and exchanges. Upon receiving a letter, record in detail the customer's name, specific address, contact information, product grade, purchase date, and other relevant information to identify any issues. After registering the above content clearly, report it to the General Manager Office Meeting or the General Manager for approval according to the scope of authority before implementation.

      (8) Responsible for developing key customer care plans, understanding customer needs, and implementing customer care plans.

      Focusing on producing specialized batteries for various industries, we welcome customers to call for consultation
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        No. 88, Bosideng Avenue, Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province

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